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2 Podiums in Dutch Supercar

Rain at the start of Race 1 and a crash in Race 2 made for an exciting opener in the first round of Dutch Supercars at Silverstone


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2 Podiums in Dutch Supercar After their success in the Britcar 500, Ben again joined up with Topcats racing and car owner Andrew Beaumont to challenge for the opening round of Dutch Supercars in a Mosler GT3.

Qualifying was limited to 20 minutes and with 2 drivers to get through and the rain pouring down, neither driver was going to get many laps. The young British charger drove at the end of the session and was limited to just 2 flying laps. A mistake on the first lap with a spin at Brooklands, as he aquaplaned on the huge amounts of standing water, meant the pressure was on going into the final lap and last chance to set a time. Unfortunately an incident with a backmarker slowed him down considerably on his final lap, meaning he was limited to just 5th on the grid.

Race 1 was an hour, with a scheduled driver change in the middle. In Dutch Supercars you are able to do the whole race with just one driver, so with Andrew unsure if he wanted to go out in the wet, there was a chance Ben could be in for the duration. As the cars left the grid the rain began to lightly fall meaning everyone had to start on drys, but a tyre change at some point looked inevitable. This proved to be the case and it wasn't long before everyone was coming in for intermediates. At one point after his pit stop the Silverstone based driver was down to 17th, but his earlier stop for tyres proved to be invaluable and as everyone else came in, he was up fighting for the lead. A titanic battle between the number 176 Mosler and Martin Short ensued, with never more than a few car lengths between them. With just 10 minutes to go Ben was in the lead but the Short Mosler was able to get up the inside, and after some minor contact, get the gap he needed to hold it to the flag with the Topcats Mosler following in 2nd.

Race 2 proved to be a little bit of a non-event. Again Ben started and was due to give the car to Andrew at the half way stage. A great start moved the young Brit up to the lead. Unfortunately though, a big start line crash brought the red flags out immediately and the race to a stop. Luckily no one was hurt and the race was re-started behind the safety car. Due to the live TV, it was shortened to a 10 minute sprint with no pitstops. After a good start the Topcats GT3 Mosler didn't quite have the pace of Cor Euser's GT2 Ferrari and Martin Short's heavily developed Mosler and it wasn't long before it had dropped to 3rd. It stayed that way to the flag with the top 3 all close together and Cor Euser pipping Martin Short to 2nd and Ben 3rd.

Afterwards Ben was reasonably happy with how the weekend had gone "It think overall it's been a pretty decent weekend. We've been on the pace against higher spec, faster cars and got 2 solid results. Obviously it was disappointing not holding onto the race win in race 1, but I did all I could and he just had a bit more pace than me, it was a lot of fun though. I feel a bit sorry for Andrew, who obviously due to circumstances didn't end up racing. Unfortunately that's motorsport, he took it very well considering the disappointment and I'm sure he'll be back, raring to go next time out."


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