Ben Clucas Racing

Driver Management

I really enjoy helping young, up and coming racing drivers decide on the next steps of their career. Speaking from my own personal experience, the road to the top is a rocky one, and having somebody like myself who's "been there and done that" supporting a young driver is crucial to their development and success. While I'm still in the midst of my driving career, the valuable lessons that I have learned are equally valuable for the youngster trying to work out what their next step should be.

Whether it be team choice, driving tuition, car setup, fitness, or media training, all this will affect your performance and your image to the people who ultimately you hope to employ you. Having raced professionally in 4 different continents in a career spanning 20 years, won championships and many races, been signed to a Formula 1 team and raced for several manufacturers, I've experienced it all myself and can help you avoid making the same mistakes everyone does.


Team Choice

Team ChoiceDeciding on which team to join is not a case of just seeing who has won the year before. I have been with teams in the past who have not had a fantastic record of success, yet I would rate them higher than any other team on the grid. It's also worth keeping in mind how you will personally fit into the team and who you team mates may be.


Driver Tuition

Driver TuitionNo one is the perfect driver and you can always improve. All top professional sports people have coaches, so to think that it isn't necessary in racing is overlooking an important aspect. Sometimes a tenth of a second can be the difference between qualifying pole and being nearer the back end of the top ten, so every small amount counts!




FitnessFitness is extremely important, whether you are racing a high G-force single seater or LMP car, or having to spend long stints in a hot GT car. The last thing you want to be doing at the end of a race is making mistakes under pressure because you are getting tired. If you are the fittest driver on the grid you will not only perform better, but also feel better and more prepared too. Diet is a very important factor in this.


Media Training

Media TrainingYou could be the best driver in the world, but if you do not come across well in interviews or on camera, sponsors and manufacturers are not going to want to be associated with you. Think of it from their point of view; would you want to spend potentially millions of pounds if someone represents your brand badly? You have to be able to come across naturally while still getting the right message over to the audience.



I can help you or your son or daughter effectively navigate the motorsport landscape, saving you money, time and frustration. With my extensive connections in Europe, North America, Japan and Australia (all places I have raced myself) I can help put you in contact with people from Formula One, Alms, Grand Am, Touring Cars, Formula 3 and all the major series, whether it be Single Seaters, Touring cars, GTs or Prototypes you are hoping to progress to.

Please feel free to get in contact to see how I can help you.


" Ben has helped Harry make the big step up to car racing much easier. He has given us advice on driving, team choice, car setup, everything you could need help with. It's been great to be able to get advice from someone who has been there and done it himself, knows everyone in the paddock, and is still professionally racing. "

Andrew Woodhead, father of Harry Woodhead, Ginetta Junior Winter Series Champion 2012 and Ginetta Junior Champion 2013